Madelyn J. Kissock


Research Interests

Academic Positions
Selected Recent Work



Ph.D.   Harvard University 1995
M.A. Harvard University 1988
M.A. Boston College 1987
B.A. University of Massachusetts, Amherst   1981

Research Interests

Syntax, Phonology, Dravidian languages, Acquisition, Historical Linguistics

Academic Positions
  • Associate Professor, Linguistics, Concordia University, 2008-present.
  • Associate Professor, Linguistics, Oakland University, 2003-2008.
  • Assistant Professor, Linguistics, Oakland University, 1997-2003.
  • Associate in Linguistics, Harvard University, 1995-1997.
  • Instructor, Linguistics, University of Southern Maine, 1995-1997.
  • Lecturer, Linguistics, Boston University, Winter 1997.
  • Lecturer, Linguistics, Northeastern University, Fall 1995.
  • Teaching Fellow, Linguistics, Harvard University, 1988-1993.

Selected Recent Work

The Perception-Production Link and Linguistic Theory (with M.\ Hale), Loquens forthcoming. Download prepublication version

The Regularity of Syntactic Change (with M.\ Hale), in Syntactic Features and the Limits of Syntactic Change, Thórhallur Eythórsson and Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson (eds.), Oxford University Press, forthcoming. Download prepublication version

Features, UG and Sensorimotor Experiments on Infant Speech Perception (with M.\ Hale), 26th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 2018. Download handout

Quotative Clauses in Telugu, 33rd South Asian Languages Analysis, Poznan, Poland, May 2017.Download handout

The Synchrony and Diachrony of External Sandhi Processes (with M.\ Hale), 25th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 2017. Download handout

Syntactic Reconstruction: The Correspondence Problem Revisited (with M.\ Hale), 17th Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, 29-31 May 2015. Download handout

An I-Language Approach to Phonologization and Lexification.(with M.\ Hale and C.\ Reiss) in Honeybone, P. and J. Salmons (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Historical Phonology, Oxford University Press (May 2014). Download prepublication version

Evidence for `Finiteness' in Telugu, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 2013, DOI 10.1007/s11049-013-9214-8. Vol 32.1, 29-58. Download prepublication version

Markedness and Epenthesis: Evidence from Telugu and Polynesia (with M.\ Hale), 20th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 24-26, 2012. Download handout

Aspects of Rotuman Phonetics: Implications for Rotuman Phonology (with M.\Hale), 19th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 19-21, 2011.

Against Copy Control in Telugu, UMass Workshop on South Asian Syntax and Semantics, Amherst, March 19-20, 2011. Download handout

Is Harmonic Serialism Serial Enough? (with M. Hale), Old World Conference on Phonology 8, Marrakech, Morocco, January 16-22, 2011.Download slides

Introduction to Linguistic Science (with M. Hale).  Concordia University ms. Fall 2013 edition.

Rotuman Metathesis: Establishing Order (with M. Hale), 18th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 20-22, 2010.

What Counts as Vowel Harmony: Synchrony, Diachrony and Epenthesis in Telugu, 6th North American Phonology Conference, Montréal, April 28-30, 2010.Download slides

Rotuman Phase Distinctions: Phonology and Syntax (but not Semantics), (with M. Hale) 11th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics, Aussois, France, June 22-26, 2009.Download handout

Telugu Vowel Assimilation: Harmony, Umlaut, or Neither? (with C. Dvorak) 17th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 28-30, 2009.Download handout

Do Experimental Studies Inform Theoretical Research? ms. Concordia University, 2008.Download draft ms.

The Phonetics-Phonology Interface and the Acquisition of Perseverant Underspecification, (with M. Hale) in The Oxford andbook of Linguistic Interfaces, G. Ramchand and C. Reiss (eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 81-101, 2007.Download ms. version

Microvariation, Variation, and the Features of Universal Grammar, (with M. Hale and C. Reiss), Lingua 117:4:645-665, 2007.Download ms. version

Underspecification: Neutralization, and Acquisition, (with M. Hale), 13th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK, May 26-28, 2005.Download handout

Underspecification, Markedness, and the Acquisition Process, (with M. Hale and C. Reiss), 6e Journées Internationales du Réseau Français de Phonologie, Orléans, France, June 3-4, 2004.Download Handout

Anti-antigemination: Syncope and Epenthesis in Telugu, (with C. Reiss), 11th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK May 22-24, 2003.Download Handout

Transitivity and Objecthood in Rotuman, Oceanic Linguistics, 42:1: 1-18, 2003.Download Paper


(at Concordia University)
Introduction to Linguistic Science
Syntactic Theory
Advanced Syntax
Dravidian Syntax
Phonological Analysis
Advanced Phonology
Non-IndoEuropean Structures (Telugu)

(at Oakland University)
Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Phonology
Advanced Phonology
Introduction to Syntax
Advanced Syntax
Phonetic Theory
Proseminar in Linguistics (Acquisition of Phonology)
The Humanity of Language
Introduction to the Development of the English Language
Historical Linguistics
The Teaching of English as a Second Language
Language Acquisition
Studies in the Structure of a Language/Field Methods (Telugu)
Linguistic Analysis
The Cognitive Science Revolution

(at Harvard University Summer School & Extension)
Introduction to Linguistics
Language and Social Policy
Introduction to Phonetics/Phonology
Introduction to Syntax
Acquisition of Language

(at Boston University)
Foundations of Language

(at Northeastern University)

(at University of Southern Maine)
Analyzing Language

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